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by Healmyvoice on October 7, 2017

When you hear the word Innovation, what or who do you think of?

A famous inventor or entrepreneur? A leading edge, Fortune 500 company or a start-up?

Do you think of yourself?

In an inspirational TEDx Talk  called, The Art of Innovation, Dimis Michaelides describes 3 ways to Innovate:

1st way: Innovation can be very radical or breakthrough: New products, processes, markets. “Landing a man on the moon.”

2nd way: Redefining the way an existing company operates. Example: Furniture is not a new idea but Ikea manufactures furniture in a very differentiated, innovative way.

3rd way is often overlooked. Continuous improvement. Lots of small change. All the time. In all products, processes, areas, products. In every nook and cranny of the operation. Toyota. Honda. AND HUMAN BEINGS!

Link to The Art of Innovation:  https://youtu.be/P1RUWa8pC0k


For the past nine months, twenty-one women have gathered in a secret Facebook group and on weekly community calls to explore innovation in their lives, as in continuous improvement, with lots of small change, all the time. We have had conversations about what is happening in the world and what action we can take to make a difference.

In this quest for awakening a new world, thirteen of the women have written a story of personal awakening, a moment when they had a new awareness and began to make different choices to change the external situations in their lives. Just like peace on earth comes from each of us cultivating peace within ourselves, the innovative ideas and actions the authors describe in their stories all began with an inner awakening.  That is how we awaken a new world.


How do you Tune Into Your Innovative Voice?

1. Awareness is the first step. Declaring that you are an innovator. Making choices and decisions for continuous improvement, lots of small change. all the time.

2. Reflecting and assessing how you are doing. Where can you make changes? Where you are stuck?

3. Gathering with others. Asking for help. Receiving and giving help. Lifting each other up.

4. Believing that change and new ideas are possible, even in situations that seem impossible.

5. Being generous with your time, money, resources, and love.


The book, Innovative Voices: True Stories by Women Awakening a New World will be released on October 27, 2017. For now, come and join us on the Heal My Voice Page where we are celebrating the 21 women in this program and having conversations about Innovation and Awakening a New World.

     https://www.facebook.com/HealMyVoice/IV_web 2

Book is available on Amazon on October 27, 2017:



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