4 Ways You Can Pursue Your Dreams AND Be A Great Mom

by Healmyvoice on October 22, 2017

image1From one of the contributing authors in the Heal My Voice book: Innovative Voices: True Stories by Women Awakening a New World.

Guest Blogger, Tamara Latrese Robinson

What do you dream of?

You probably have hopes and dreams for your children and their futures, but what are your dreams for yourself? Do you remember what those dreams are? Have you placed them on the back burner?

Do you dream of going back to school? Opening your own business? Writing a book? Meeting your career goals? How about that project that keeps getting pushed aside for other activities?

Whatever your particular dreams are, you owe it to yourself to pull them off the back burner and begin to pursue them. You’ll be a happier mom and your kids will gain a whole new level of respect and appreciation for you. Check out these four ways you can chase your goals and still be the best mom you can be.

1. If your children are old enough, involve them in your goals and dreams. Ask them to hold you accountable to completing a dream-related task. They’ll get a kick out of bossing you around and they’ll unwittingly give you the time you need to meet your own goals.


2. Let your family/household know when you need time to complete a task (online course, finish reading a book, journal writing for upcoming blog or book idea). Give them the incentive of your undivided attention with their activities once you’re done.

3. Be diligent and resilient. You’ll make mistakes and missteps along the way. When that happens, have the determination to dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and try again. Remember that old saying we all learned in school – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

4. Write your dreams down. Write them in big letters and post them in a place where you’ll see them every day. The constant reminder will help you maintain focus and help your family realize first, that you have dreams and then, how important your dreams are to you.


Here’s a bonus tip: Break your dreams down into manageable, daydream-sized goals. Is your dream to become an author? Make your first goal creating an outline for your book. Is your dream learning to dance? Make your first goal signing up for dance lessons. Is your dream to get fit? Make your first goal a healthy diet. Is your dream to open you own business? Make your first goal identifying your target market.

It’s important for you to invest time and energy in yourself. It’s the only way to create the best version of you so you can be the happy, healthy, productive mom your kids deserve.




image1Tamara Latrese Robinson is an international bestselling author of the books “Live and Love Out Loud” & “Time to Focus On You”. She helps busy moms deal with the very real feelings of guilt experienced while attempting to create time for themselves. As a busy mom with a teenage daughter, Tamara understands the feelings and emotions moms encounter with mommy guilt and placing themselves on the back burner. With a constant focus on family, it is common for moms to feel overwhelm and guilt with no clear plan for personal downtime or self-care. Tamara’s focus is to help busy moms create time for themselves, place their goals and dreams higher on their daily priority list, and avoid mommy burnout.
Tamara invites you to download a copy of her Simple Steps for Busy Moms to Avoid Being Overwhelmed

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