Andrea Hylen

Andrea Hylen

Andrea Hylen received the 2013 On Purpose Women award by the On Purpose Networking for Women (OPN) organization in Baltimore, MD in recognition for her work to empower everyday extraordinary women and girls all over the world.

This was said about Andrea Hylen at the On Purpose “Woman of Purpose” award ceremony:

“Andrea Hylen is a quintessential, fundamental, off the charts Woman of Purpose: Why? Because she completely models and embodies the elements we need to embrace to step up and fully express our own unique and powerful Voices… It’s like a Tree: starts with raw vulnerability (the opening seed, buried in the earth, potential prey to all kinds of insults), which requires deeply rooted courage, which then leads powerful (if slow) growth, which then provides SO much for the beings and entities in the community. Andrea has taken her clear vibrant voice to new places: showing us by example, nurturing and encouraging and cheering both visibly and invisibly, and sending us on to Lead by our Own unique examples.”

Andrea founded Heal My Voice through her own experiences with grief, trauma, and loss which led to living from greater inner authority, purpose and leadership. Andrea’s journey with grief includes the loss of her brother, husband and son. Listen to an excerpt from Andrea’s story about founding Heal my Voice.

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With more than thirty-five years of training and teaching experience, Andrea is a coach, author, speaker, and parent, with expertise in grief, and healing from sexuality and trauma. Her training includes, BSW from Temple University, Ordained Minister in the Beloved Community, Enwaken Coaching System, OneTaste Leadership Coaching program and ongoing trainings in energy healing.

She is the creator and facilitator of the Heal My Voice 9 month programs and The Writing Incubator, an on-line community for women who are writing books, blogs, workshops and programs.