Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 10.58.22 AMFrom Andrea Hylen, Founder of Heal My Voice:

This is a list of 44 radio shows aired over Blogtalk internet radio over the Holidays from November 21, 2010-January 7, 2011. Twenty-seven guests. Seventeen shows where I shared my own journey.

“The idea for this radio show emerged out of a heartfelt desire to provide a place of information, sharing and support this holiday season. Through my own personal experiences of losing a brother, son, husband, friends and pets, as well as the loss of my first marriage to divorce and a life threatening illness, I have learned about the ups and downs in grieving and the opportunity to heal and transform my life. Sharing my own stories and finding other people who are willing to share their stories is the focus of 44 radio shows beginning on Nov 21, 2010 and continuing throughout the holiday season.  May these shows bless and uplift and inspire you.”

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Show 1:
Honoring the Feelings of Grief
Andrea Hylen
Nov 21, 2010

Show 2:
Grief Relief: Finding Comfort After Loss
Guest: Debbie Phillips
Nov 22, 2010

Show 3:
The loss of a life partner or spouse
Andrea Hylen
November 23, 2010

Show 4:
Thanksgiving Eve: Remembering
Andrea Hylen
November 24, 2010

Show 5:
Thanksgiving: Gratitude
Andrea Hylen
November 25, 2010

Show 6:
How to Stay Open to Feelings and Take Control of Grief
Andrea Hylen
November 26, 2010

Show 7:
Stay Open: Spiritual and Self-Care Space
Guest: Carin Channing
November 27, 2010

Show 8:
Reading Stories about Grief
Andrea Hylen
November 28, 2010

Show 9:
The Journey of Building a Heart Based Business
Guest: Kathryn Yarborough
November 29, 2010

Show 10:
Messages from Beyond
Guest: Ellen Kittredge
November 30, 2010

Show 11:
Dancing with a Teenager and the Jonas Brothers
Andrea Hylen
December 1, 2010

Show 12:
The Transformative Power of Love
Guest: Alan Peterson
December 2, 2010

Show 13:
Writing as a Path of Healing
Andrea Hylen
December 3, 2010

Show 14:
Healing with Laughter
Andrea Hylen
December 4, 2010

Show 15:
Saying Goodbye to a Home
Andrea Hylen
December 5, 2010

Show 16:
The Voice that Calls You Home
Guest: Rev Andrea Raynor, Hospice Chaplain and Ground Zero Chaplain
December 6, 2010

Show 17:
The Loss of a Parent and Forgiveness
Guest: Susan Gardener
December 8, 2010

Show 18:
Memories of a Friend
Guest: Shelly Rachanow:
December 9, 2010

Show 19:
Listening to Your True Voice
Guest: Sherryl Lin
December 10, 2010

Show 20:
Letting Go of the Old You
Guest: Asha Ramakrishna
“The flow of life has seasons to it. And the seasons can change at any moment.”
December 11, 2010
To Connect with Asha:

Show 21:
A Journey from Grief to Peace
Guest: Kathy Perry
Overview of Show:
Originally Broadcast on December 12, 2010
Radio Show Link:

Show 22:
The Art of Grieving
Guest: Claire Perkins
December 13, 2010

Show 23:
Loss of a sibling
Guest: Sally Laux
December 14, 2010

Show 24:
Loss of a child
Andrea Hylen
December 15, 2010

Show 25:
Surviving the Dark Night of the Soul
Guest: Kater Leatherman
December 16, 2010

Show 26:
Embracing Life after a Loss
Andrea Hylen
December 17, 2010

Show 27:
Divorce and the journey of healing
Andrea Hylen
December 18, 2010

Show 28:
Healing with Music
Andrea Hylen
December 19, 2010

Show 29:
Body Wisdom and Grief
Guest: Anna Stookey
December 20, 2010

Show 30:
Journaling the Journey
Guest: Lee Forest Knowlton
December 22, 2010

Show 31:
Healing from a Loved One’s Suicide
Guest: Connie Cornwell
December 23, 2010

Show 32:
Peace on Earth
Andrea Hylen
December 24, 2010

Show 33:
Angels and the Angel Lady
Guest: Betsy McMahan
December 25, 2010

Show 34:
Gender Transition
Guest: Jay Lee
December 26, 2010

Show 35:
A parent with Dementia
Guest: Renee Barnow
December 27, 2010

Show 36:
Staying Balanced
Guest: G. Brian Benson
December 29, 2010

Show 37:
Writing and Reading as Healing
Guest: Frank Mundo
December 30, 2010

Show 38:
Nature Ceremonies to Release Grief
Andrea Hylen
December 31, 2010

Show 39:
Guest: Yvonne Gonzalez-Baez
January 1, 2011

Show 40:
Heeding Your Call
Guest: Jeni Shaw
January 2, 2011

Show 41:
Welcome Change and Move Forward
Guest: Cherry-Lee Ward
January 3, 2011

Show 42:
Cell Your Soul: Soulshaping
Guest: Jeff Brown
January 5, 2011

Show 43:
Grieving the Life you Thought You Were Meant to Live
Guest: Elizabeth St. Germain
January 6, 2011

Show 44:
A Summary of 44 Days
Andrea Hylen
January 7, 2011

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