Congratulations to Andrea Hylen, Founder of Heal My Voice on the Release of her book! Version 2

In Andrea’s words, “This book took me ten years to write and sixty years to live. My intention in writing this book was to demonstrate the power of sharing our experiences of adversity as a road map to discovering gifts and strength and fulfillment. In Part I, I share my stories of adversity and triumph. And in Part II, my intention was to share the behind the scenes of Heal My Voice. What have women been talking about and sharing in the Secret Facebook groups and on community calls? What can we learn from women who have gathered to share vulnerability and discover their personal power in the transformation of writing stories in community?”

Heal My Voice:

An Evolutionary Woman’s Guide to Life

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An Evolutionary Woman’s Journey

This book is about a woman’s personal journey written in a community of women called Heal My Voice.

“When I first started Heal My Voice, the following words were shared with me while in meditation. “Hold it lightly. Allow it to evolve and shift and grow. You are the guardian. Be willing to let it go.” ~Andrea Hylen, Founder of Heal My Voice

Part I of this book is the journey of the self. Andrea Hylen, shares fourteen of her personal stories of awakening and evolution. The death of a brother, a son, and a husband. A divorce and a life-threatening illness. Traveling to music concerts with her youngest daughter and moving from Maryland to California where she started Heal My Voice. Stories of self-love, grief, sexuality, music, writing, and adventure. They are stories of triumph over adversity.

In Part II, Andrea shares inspiration and details, from topic discussions, in ten books of women’s stories created during nine-month projects in Heal My Voice and Heal My Voice Sweden. There is an overview of the writing process used in the projects and the back story of things that were learned as a facilitator and participant in the process.

At the end of each chapter, there is a list of reflective questions to use in writing and meditation, with resources and personal growth tools used in her personal healing and in the Heal My Voice on-line community.

Our mission is to support women in healing a story of trauma, loss and grief, reclaim inner authority and step into greater leadership in their homes, businesses, communities and the world.

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