Cultivating Leadership

July 19, 2014

There was a period in my life where I discovered the rich experience of cultivating leaders vs being the person in charge who had all the answers.  The experience of working as a Girl Scout leader for 10 years changed the way I saw my role as a leader and expanded me as a person. […]

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Communication From Our Essence

July 19, 2014

By Andrea Hylen, Founder and Executive Director of Heal My Voice   Reading Dianne Collins book, Do You QuantumThink? I was really inspired with the description of communication. Communication resides in the relationship between one person and another. Communication is not a thing. It is an amorphous living presence that exists in the ether, like […]

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Using Blogtalk Radio to Connect to Your Voice: Part 1

July 17, 2014

  For several years before I founded the organization, Heal My Voice, I spent time immersed in writing, social media and internet radio. I was discovering and exploring my voice and asking questions about what was next in my life. My first experience with BlogTalk Radio was as a guest. After attending an Evolutionary Women […]

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Awaken and Stimulate Your Writer Senses

July 16, 2014

By Andrea Hylen, Founder and Executive Director of Heal My Voice Writing for healing and self-discovery; here are some ways to open your senses and connect to the richness of a story. 1) Artist Date: In The Artist’s Way, author Julia Cameron talks about taking yourself on an artist date. It awakens your senses and […]

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Finding Our Voice, Living Our Heart

July 15, 2014

By Beth Terrence ~ Heal My Voice Author, Facilitator & Board Member  Being vulnerable doesn’t have to be threatening.  Just have the courage to be sincere, open and honest.  This opens the door to deeper communication all around. It creates self-empowerment and the kind of connections with others we all want in life.  Speaking from […]

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Sacred Sanctuary Writing Space

July 14, 2014

A few years ago, I was inspired to create a space for Heal My Voice writers to gather and energetically receive support and consistency for writing. I called it the Sacred Sanctuary Writing Space. Every month, I create 12 audio recordings on the first 12 days of every month with an inspiration and silent time […]

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Blogs by Heal My Voice Authors: July 13, 2014

July 13, 2014

 During the month of July, we are shining a light on the Heal My Voice Authors. Every Sunday, the Heal My Voice blog will have a list of blog posts from some of the authors. So…it’s Sunday, July 13 and week 2 of sharing powerful voices of women! Check out the blogs and leave comments. […]

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Empowering Women In Addiction Recovery Through Writing & Creativity

July 12, 2014

By Beth Terrence ~ Heal My Voice Author, Facilitator & Board Member For the past year, I have had the privilege to work on a pilot Heal My Voice project that brings writing, journaling and creativity to women who are in long-term residential addictions treatment.  This project grew out of my work with the two non-profits that I […]

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Creating a Writing Space

July 11, 2014

By Andrea Hylen, Founder and Executive Director of Heal My Voice When I moved to California in 2010, I was in a huge transition. My husband had died in 2005 after a year long illness. I had been a stay-at-home mom and was homeschooling our youngest daughter. I had been out of the work force […]

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Journaling For Reconnection Podcast

July 10, 2014

By Beth Terrence Heal My Voice Author and Board Member Earlier this year, I was a guest on a podcast hosted by Nathan Ohren of JournalTalk, a wonderful online resource on journaling for passion, clarity and purpose.  The topic was “Reconnection To Self”.  We had a great chat and it really got me thinking about journaling, […]

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