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Blessing by Kathleen Nelson Troyer

Excerpt, from the Foreword by Beth Terrence

“We are living at a time on our planet when the energy of love is what is truly needed to create transformation and healing on all levels. It is clear that the systems of mind and logic have taken humanity as far as it can go in terms of living in harmony and that another force is needed if we are to achieve balance individually and collectively. The force needed is LOVE!”

Excerpt, from the Introduction by Elizabeth St. Germain

“As we rode the waves of our evolving stories, trusting the process, our circle coalesced and strengthened with each shift. Over the months as we each opened fully to our stories we began to touch the energy of self-compassion. One morning I received an email from Andrea who shared excitedly she woke with the book’s new and very apropos title – Tender Voices: True Stories by Women on a Journey of Love.”

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