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Heal My Voice’s mission is to support women and girls to heal a story from the past, reclaim personal power and step into greater leadership in their lives.


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Jamie Dee Schiffer

Sharon Shreve

Nukhet Hendricks

Karen Porter has contributed eight stories to Heal My Voice, one for each English HMV book and she co-authored, Conscious Choices, An Evolutionary Woman’s Guide to Life, the mother seed of Heal My Voice.

            Karen is an ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and leads healing meditations incorporating Tibetan Singing Bowls. In 1991, Karen was the first parent to travel to the USSR to adopt and seeing the conditions in her sons’ orphanages, began relief work and co-founded Children in Common


We believe women are pivotal role models in their homes, communities, business and the world. Our programs and projects are designed to create safe, intimate space for each participant’s voice, allowing each woman to experience her vulnerability and power authentically and speak from her place of truth and inner authority. We believe humans who trust their ability to speak and express themselves are a powerful force to unleash into this world. In short, we believe your voice matters.

We continue to provide free and low-coast programs and support for the Everyday Extraordinary Woman who feels a calling to heal a story in her life so she can reclaim personal power and use it to help herself and others.

Our sponsors help us to do that by providing financial resources. Thank you for your generosity!







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