Harmonic Voices: True Stories by Women on a Path to Peace

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Blessing from the book:
Carol Lynn Fitzpatrick

“The heart at rest sees a feast in everything.” ~Hindi proverb

Remembering who we truly are – the very essence of love itself – takes great courage and sometimes finds us steeped in the shadows of life. But, it’s in the shadow that we unearth the very gift that transforms us. We awaken then we remember that we are not broken nor are we unworthy. Even though we may have been shamed, we are not damaged. We emerge strong, vibrant and alive in the Truth that we are Loved beyond our wildest expectation, beyond all imagination.

We celebrate these eighteen remarkably brave, tenacious, beautiful voices for peace, women who are embodiments of Truth. As you read their stories, hear their laughter, feel their pain, and through their collective sharing, may you, too, dear reader, remember.

From the Foreword: “You are a precious God thought. There is no one like you in all creation. People often ask me what their mission and purpose is here on earth.  There are many answers, but the one I love to share is that you are here to live your life fully and abundantly as YOU because no one else can do that.  There is only one you.  You are special; unique; and one of a kind.” ~Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman