Feminine Voices: True Stories by Transforming Leadership

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Excerpts, from the Foreword by Mary K. Baxter:

“Until this moment I didn’t think it was relevant to share that my theater partner is a man or I am a woman.  And that evening until that moment after dinner, I don’t think I realized I was a girl in a room full of middle-aged male community leaders. I felt small. I felt like my voice didn’t matter. I felt like I would ask a question and the answer would be directed at my male partner. I felt my ideas were irrelevant.”

“This is why this book is relevant. The eighteen authors in this book all have their own unique experience of gaining and reclaiming their voice of leadership. Some of them are in the first stage of leadership, still doubting if the term “leader” applies to them, while others have been confidently leading for years.”

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