Announcing the 11th Heal My Voice Program:

Registration closes on April 9 at midnight

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Writing ~Community  ~Connection ~Support ~Radio ~Healing ~Empowerment ~Deeper Conversations ~ Sisterhood

~Your Story in a Published Book

EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM for Women using writing as a tool for transformation.

A quote by Jean Houston: I find that all over the world, not only is there an acceleration of just about everything, but that many of the old patterns are deconstructing. New ones are arising. It’s tremendously exciting, challenging, and also sometimes, well, scary.

There is something else that is trying to come through – that lure of becoming – and it does come from the realm of spirit, it does come from the quantum universe, it does come from the great spark that is the threshold of time and history and trying to emerge and electrify us.


Introductory Call with Information:

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Nine Month On-Line Empowerment Program Begins in March 2017 (pre-activities beginning in January)

Joining a Heal My Voice 9 month program is a spiritual journey into the core of our being. In some traditions, this is done through time alone in nature; in Heal My Voice our vehicle is writing. We reclaim our essence, explore our voice and discover more of what we want to bring forward in the world.

During this exploration, we re-examine part of our lives, looking for stories that are perhaps unfinished or that we simply need to tell to feel complete.  As we explore our experiences through sharing and writing, we have an opportunity to find something new that is awakening. All we need to do is to connect in community, write and to listen.

One of the challenges of our modern world is living in isolation, not connected fully to community for support. Our Heal My Voice circle offers a space to participate in community, to receive and give support and to heal our grief and loss.   As we journey together, we find our voices and share them with one another. This is the beginning of a new way of being!

In a nine-month on-line process with a circle of women, we will have conversations about innovation, leadership, awakening, personal power. It may be subtle or hugely profound. In addition to writing, your deeper passions that are ready to surface now will emerge.

There are nine words that we use as a energetic, monthly focus:

February: LISTEN… for your story to emerge

March: DISCOVER…your story

April: EXPLORE…your story

May: EXPAND… your story and finish

June: EXPRESS... your voice

July: CONNECT… with your voice

August: REFLECT… on your next steps in life

September: AWAKEN… to the next steps in your life



Every Heal My Voice program begins with a topic and a question to explore that will lead each of us to a personal story. You may have a story in mind and we invite you to be open to the infinite possibilities that there is another story that wants to be expressed now.  It may be the one that has the most power tied up in it and you were not aware of subtle layers. Writing that will help you to reclaim the energy and use it in your life. We are all innovators in subtle and profound ways. We will explore why that is important to know and to go deeper into how you can use that to transform your life.

The  Heal My Voice Nine month program includes writing, internet radio, and social media in an on-line community. Conversations. Collaboration. Connection. Community.

More than 200 women have experienced the power and transformation by writing a personal story in this process. Eight books on Amazon and 2 books in Swedish.

The Program includes:

  • 9 months
  • 24/7 secret Facebook Page
  • 36 Community Calls on Zoom Video Conferencing
  • 48 Sacred Sanctuary Writing Meditation Recordings
  • 3 Individual Coaching Sessions with Andrea Hylen on Skype
    • Writing
    • Radio
    • Next Steps
  • Writing support with structure, guidance, tips, and ideas
  • Webinars on intuition and multi-dimensional space
  • Professional editing of your 1500 word story with the preservation of your authentic voice
  • Your story in Published book on Amazon
  • Radio support with structure, guidance, tips and ideas


Leader of Program:

Andrea Hylen, Founder and President of Heal My Voice

Andrea Hylen

Andrea Hylen



Discover the power in your story to heal and transform your life:

  • Write your own personal story
  • Cultivate your Innovative Voice
  • Work in different dimensions with the stories to uncover the places for healing
  • Increase your connection to your intuition and inner guidance
  • Participate in Weekly Community Zoom Community Call for Connection and Conversation


Receive Support:

  • Writing Support
  • Professional editing of your story
  • Individual Coaching Sessions with Andrea (3 individual sessions: writing, radio, social media.)
  • Secret Facebook Community to connect with the writers and stay connected to a community
  • Co-create an internet radio show episode with Andrea Hylen
  • Explore next steps in your life


Expand Your Community and Presence:

  • Your 1500 word story in a Published Book on Amazon with all of the authors.
  • Membership in a Growing Community of Heal My Voice Authors
  • Blog talk radio show appearance
  • Social Media and Blogging support



Cost of Full Program: $1,495

Awakening a New World: The power and responsibility for women now

Share Your Feminine Leadership voice:

In 2009, at the Vancouver Peace Summit, the Dalai Lama said Western women will save the world. We heard his voice and began to listen even deeper to our own. It awakened something in me: the leader, the innovator, the Evolutionary Woman. In the western world, women have resources, access to social media and we are empowered to make choices and decisions that impact our families, communities, businesses and the world.

In this program, we will explore our next steps as women tuning in to leadership, innovation and power. A space for a deeper conversation.

Are you an Innovator? 

Do you feel you are awakening a new world?

We believe you are and that is why we have chosen this topic for our next community writing program. We are focused on being an Innovator in deeper conversations and in writing our own personal story of healing trauma, loss and grief.

Innovative Voices