Fearless Voices: True Stories by Courageous Women. What does it mean to be Fearless? The women in this book share their personal journey.

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“During the last nine months, 22 women gathered in a circle in the form of a secret Facebook group, weekly phone calls and in-person gatherings. There are a lot of details I could write about our time together but I am on a mission so I am going to get right to the point. Women are only using a small percentage of their voices.”  ~ Andrea Hylen, Introduction

Foreword by Claudia Carawan, Excerpt:

I had quit my stable office job to pursue my dream of being a songwriter and recording artist. Every day presented new challenges and I felt vulnerable. I recall one day in a moment of frustration announcing to my husbandI’m tired of feeling afraid!” Shortly thereafter, I heard a new song in my head. It was a melody that demanded my immediate attention. The song felt very joy-filled. In a state of clarity I listed all the qualities I wished to possess. Soon I was looking at the first draft of a brand new song called Fearless.