Empowered Voices: True Stories by Awakened Women

Book Released September 2012
Blessing by Anita Pathik Law

Excerpt, from the Foreword by Ann Quasman:

“In every sense these women woke up and became empowered – they aroused themselves from a deep sleep and became conscious creators of their own lives.”

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From the Introduction: “It may seem like I am making a big deal about such a small phrase, but the, ‘Hey Worthless’ exploded in my ears like a trumpet blast. While we could debate the genius of Hitchcock and his cleverly disguised insult, the blasting in my ears created a frozen state in my body. This was one of the ways women had been programmed to think they were worthless, less than, not enough or wrong. This is how their voices were shut down. It began with one slippery, biting word at a time; demeaning, dishonoring, invalidating abuse intermixed with food, shelter, belonging, and ‘love.’ From men, from women, from the media and more.” ~Andrea Hylen