Listen to Andrea’s story about the start of Heal My Voice!

Heal My Voice’s mission is to support women and girls to reclaim personal power and step into greater leadership in their lives.

We believe women are pivotal role models in their homes, communities, business and the world. Our programs and projects are designed to create safe, intimate space for each participant’s voice, allowing each woman to experience her vulnerability and power authentically and speak from her place of truth and inner authority. We believe humans who trust their ability to speak and express themselves are a powerful force to unleash into this world. In short, we believe your voice matters.

“…if a woman knows who she is, she cannot be drawn into an abusive relationship or manipulated by corporate media or prevented from playing the active role in politics that her country’s laws entitle her to. She is quite simply immune to exploitation of any kind. And to take it one step further, if a whole generation of girls could grow up knowing who they are, inoculated against sexism, their very presence would bring into question everything that has kept women at the margins of life, and from that nothing but good would come.” ~Carol Lee Flinders, Author of At the Root of This Longing

Andrea Hylen founded Heal My Voice because in her personal and professional life, she had seen how grief, trauma and loss had silenced teenage girls and women. Their spirits had been crushed and they had lost confidence and hope. Heal My Voice emerged out of a book process that developed when 44 women agreed to write a story for the book, “Conscious Choices: An Evolutionary Woman’s Guide to Life.” During the project, women wrote a story about a challenge and triumph in their lives, reclaimed the personal power that had been tied up in that story and naturally stepped into leadership. They became gentle readers for each other, attended a weekly phone circle that offered one on one encouragement, emotional and editing support. Heal My Voice has become a structure to support more women in healing and building supportive community during the process.

Heal My Voice has conducted letter writing projects with women in prison, supported journal writing and visual arts projects with women in recovery, and published ten books of individual stories by women in the United States and Sweden. We entered 2015 celebrating receiving our 501(c)3 status.

As we enter 2020, we are even more aware of how important it is for women to heal and transform their experiences into leadership in their homes, businesses, communities and the world.

When you support our mission with a donation or sharing our program links, you help keep our transformational programs affordable for women from all walks of life. You support the power of a woman’s voice and leadership.