What is Feminine Leadership?

by Healmyvoice on October 1, 2014

Wordle: Feminine Qualities

By Andrea Hylen, Founder of Heal My Voice

Twenty-two women explored this question last year in the 6th Heal My Voice Program.

What is Feminine Leadership?

We set an intention of exploring and releasing old ways of leading that were no longer working and cracking through to discover new ways to lead. We explored our leadership in business, parenting, collaboration and community.

The book of personal stories will be released on October 28 on Amazon. It is called Feminine Voices: True Stories by Women Transforming Leadership

Over the next 31 days, we are going to write blogs about leadership, shine a light on organizations and some writing tips.

Join us and share your voices in the comment sections.


In the on-line community, we began with this question, a year ago: What are some qualities of Feminine Leadership?

Our answers are listed below. Share your ideas in the comment section. See you tomorrow!

*Authentic Heart
*Inner Strength
*Honoring mySelf
*Holding the Space
*Honoring Others

*Connected with the Earth



To connect with Andrea and learn about current projects go to: www.andreahylen.com

 IMG_1306Andrea Hylen believes in the power of a woman’s voice to usher in a new world. She is the founder of Heal My Voice, a Writing and Transition Coach, Orgasmic Meditation Teacher and co- author of Conscious Choices: An Evolutionary Woman’s Guide to Life. Andrea has discovered her unique gifts while parenting three daughters and learning to celebrate life after the deaths of her brother, son and husband. She currently lives in Los Angeles following the inspiration to collaborate with women in organizations and to travel around the world speaking and leading workshops. Her passion is connecting women to support each other in the full expression of who they are.

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