Inspired Voices: A Blessing

by Healmyvoice on July 24, 2014


For the past few days we have been talking about different pieces of writing to write for the construction of a book. We talked about the Foreword and the Introduction.

One of the traditions in the Heal My Voice Books is to ask someone from outside of the project to write a Blessing.

The intention of the blessing is to:

*Bless the women who have written a vulnerable, powerful story about some part of their personal life journey

*Bless the people who read the stories

*Bless the world


Here is the blessing from Inspired Voices: True Stories by Visionary Women:


Blessings from One

By Marie ek Lipanovska


Inspired is the star on a dark sky at night showing us the way to salvation.
Inspired are the first leaves coming through the surface after a cold hard winter.
Inspired are the birds singing in spring time.

Inspired are the children born on this day and walking on their own within a year.
Inspired are the men working daily to keep their families and communities safe.
Inspired are the women in this book writing a story to heal the world through their own bodies.

This is one inspiring book with many inspired voices coming together as One.
The voices of the inspired One are the voices of those that are In Spirit.
Although they speak with different tunes they are the inspired voice of One.
Inspired is the voice that writes as One, to everyone. Inspiration is the emotion of the contact with One.

It is a complete symphony you are holding in your hand. Music is brought to you with each and every story. Songs are being sung for you. You are listening to the One voice of unconditional Love that are here to heal a story within you. Open up to receive the Love and Blessings from One, through the Inspired Voices of these women.

~Marie Ek Lipanovska, the Voice of One

Founder of Heal My Voice Sweden

Marie Queen

Marie Ek Lipanovska is a woman dedicated to empower her own voice by focusing on different styles of listening. She finds her inner wisdom and her strength through meditation, prayer and silence. For sixteen years she has worked with guided meditations. The divine guidance coming through her deep devotion to listen, leads her to share her voice through several shows on her own blogtalkradio and by co-operating with other leading ladies in the field of empowering women. Marie is a passionate writer, sharing her words in books and blog posts, giving lectures, doing webinars, teleseminars and gathering women in circles. !She is a former freelance journalist and also the co-author of Empowered Voices: True Stories by Awakened Women. During spring 2013 two of her books are released in Sweden. One is a conversation with God and the other book contains channeled messages from Christ. !Marie is also leading the first Heal My Voice Sweden book circle for 22 Swedish women. In September 2013 this first Swedish book will be for sale. ! and

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